“A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness!”
– Michael Jordan

Yes, I know for the mentioned coach Michael is talking about his Basketball Coach and not the life coach. But the thing to understand here is, it is applicable to every coach, from life coach to business coach or even a football coach. Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player ever to step foot on this planet. And he is giving all the credit behind his success as a basketball player to his coach. And he is not wrong as well. See the quote mentioned above. It describes the coach in the best possible way. This is defined coach in the most general term possible, then who is a life coach to be precise.

Who Is A Life Coach?

You can not define the term life coach in general, as there are many different kinds of life coaches out there. But the fundamental thing is the same, a life coach is a wellness professional who is helping people to make progress in their personal and professional life in order to achieve a greater feeling of fulfilment.
They use different methods and techniques to make sure that your relationships, careers and day to day life in general improves. They create a customized plan and strategies specifically designed to keep you in mind. While doing it, they make sure that they utilize all of your skills and talent. They also help to get your hidden talents out and guide you to success.
There are some basic expectations and qualities that we expect from the best life coach, like a life coach should be easily approachable, personable and friendly. A good life coach should always be high on enthusiasm, patience and should always carry a good sense of humour. so to answer your question, who is a life coach? You must know these top 10 qualities that a life coach must have.

1. A Life Coach Should Always Maintain A Positive Attitude

There are many people who are hiring or contacting life coaches who are probably not in the right place in their life and they might be carrying a negative attitude towards themselves and towards life. If the life coach is not having a high enthusiasm and positive attitude then they will not be able to cheer up the clients.

You must feel positive about yourself and about your life. And even if everything is going sideways so far, after meeting your life coach it must feel like things are going to be okay. And for that, the life coach must be filled with positive energy.

2. A Good Life Coach Should Be Passionate

Life coaches are basically trying to help their clients by achieving their goals in life and career. And if you have lost the passion for your job or your business you will never be able to become a good businessman unless you change the field. This is a life coach’s responsibility to get you passionate about your work and life again. And in order to do so, he must be passionate about him or herself.
They must be empathetic and have the truest desire to help their clients, this trait allows them to understand the clients’ emotions and barriers. Once they know the barriers, they will be able to help you in a much better way to break them.

3. A Good Life Coach Must Have Great Listening Skills

Who is a life coach if he or she is not able to listen to you? This is one of the most basic and important qualities of every life coach. They must understand the subtle tells and messages from everything that you need to share and using this information they should be able to understand your issues.

4. A Life Coach Should Always Be Non-opinionated

A great life coach knows that giving you advice will not work, as there are plenty of people out there who are already doing it for free. But a great life coach knows how to facilitate client’s issues and problems and help them find solutions to their barriers. And make sure that they get success in their personal and professional life.

5. A Great Life Coach Should Be Non-judgemental

The world is full of people who hold different opinions on different things, and it is not necessary that all of the opinions should be aligned with your opinions. A life coach should be capable enough to accept the fact that someone’s wrong can be someone’s right.

6. A Life Coach Should Cultivate Curiosity In You

Who is a life coach if he or she is not able to cultivate the curiosity within you? Without curiosity, one is never able to achieve the real height of one’s personal and professional peak. A good life coach should be experienced enough to know what questions can do just that for you.

Who Is A Life Coach

7. A Good Life Coach Should Constantly Challenge You To Reach To Your Maximum Limits

A good life coach is always there to support their clients but a great life coach knows when to push their clients to gain a deeper understanding of their issues. They keep challenging their clients in a way that they face the reality with clarity, focus and honesty.

8. A Good Life Coach Is Very Observant

Great life coaches have the ability to understand their clients by observing some of the subtlest signs of uncertainty and trepidation. They are able to see through their clients and make sure that the client is full of confidence before making any step ahead.

9. A Life Coach Should Always Be Communicating With Clarity

Communication is the key to everything, not just in terms of teaching but a person with proper clarity of communication will always turn out to be a reliable one. The right life coach will communicate well on many levels such as body language, vocabulary and more.

10. A Life Coach Should Always Stay Honest

Honesty is the key to any relationship. And you should always make sure that the life coach you are working with is completely honest with you or not. They should always stay honest with you and doesn’t matter how harsh the reality is but they should always make sure that you are connected with it. Only an honest life coach can guide you to the path of success.
I have tried my level best to define who is a life coach and some of the top qualities that you should look for in a life coach before you make the commitment to work together. Life coaching is a big step and a good life coach can make a difference in your life like nothing else. So be wise, keep this list as your personal checklist before committing to any life coach and his or her method.

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