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Knowledge of life can only bring real transformation

What you seek is seeking you! – Rumi

An Information Technology specialist by profession, Entrepreneur by passion and holder of four different post-graduation degrees and Diplomas. Despite being excellent in the areas of his profession, Amit Malde enjoys being Life Coach the most amongst everything else that revolves around. While passionately pursuing his IT business he came across something astonishing, which gave him a purpose of life and true meaning of what life really is. It was the Founder Art of Living organization where Sri Sri Ravishankar and his teachings along with programs, bestowed a new platform to bring inner transformation in his life. It also enabled him to contribute in making other people happy, enthusiastic & stress-free.

He started working on the vision of H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji; founder Art of Living organization, to establish stress free, violence free and healthy society. He has Ten years of extensive experience in teaching various courses, including roles of Yoga teacher & Happiness program faculty. His vision is to spread knowledge that he has received for the welfare of mankind to help people to achieve their dreams and find Infinite Potential.

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The journey of learning and growing over the years, in his words, goes like this:

“My journey as a Life Coach started due to the inbuilt nature of being a helping hand for everyone around me, especially with students who wanted to clear their exams and get quick and improved results. When they performed well, it gave me an immense sense of satisfaction, like it was my own victory. My Education inbuilt my gut feeling, confidence, and ability to take risk and handle any challenges that life throws at me. My experience of facing any tough situation with ease made me realise that spreading the knowledge of life in the most effective manner is Life Coaching.Yet I strongly believe that experiencing a real life situation will give you real knowledge of life more than anything else.

Life is all about exploration and experiences, and when one starts exploring and experiences, it helps one to explore further. While pursuing my journey of experiences and explorations, I came across various spiritual masters and their guidance has helped me build everything brick by brick. I have been through rigorous processes and learning, where I understood the real value of genuine guidance.

Life Coaching is not just a profession to me; it is a process to add more meaning and purpose to our lives. Life coaching can be best described as sailing effectively through the ebbs and tides offered by life, while enjoying life itself. I have instinctively believed that knowledge is power and invested maximum time to acquire it from every possible person, experience and situation.”

The intricate desire of achieving the HIGHEST, the thirst to seek the ultimate TRUTH, and willingness to make the whole life a grand celebration that ends all sufferings had been instigated.

He’s the personal & professional Life Coach for startups, Corporates, CEO’s, entrepreneurs & Celebrity. His wisdom Brings Freedom, Peace, Success and happiness. His knowledge dramatically improves confidence, career success, work/life balance, and income.

Real knowledge is Self knowledge of who you are and when you live with that, then it transforms lives and your words becomes true inspiration for Mankind.

Now AMIT MALDE Can be YOUR coach too and TRANSFORMATION is possible for you too.
– Amit Malde

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What is the role of a life coach?

Helping You Create a Life You Love

It starts with an enquiry, a private or group trying to find significant change, help, facing certain challenges, issues that they themselves are unable to return out. trying to find some Guidance depending upon the precise issue or problems some powerful question coach asks the client and replying that both come to the conclusion what exactly the client is looking forward to.

So through one on one coaching sessions or customized sessions what’s exactly must be done are going to be given in sort of knowledge, insight, wisdom which clients can easily understand and implement in life, discuss in sort of question and answers which is named guidance for the solution part.

In every session, the coach gives a certain task, assignment homework, or practices which must be done, and on the idea of progress further session goes so it’s in the client’s complete hand to travel on the brink of the goal within the speed the task he executes what he has given. So the coach has no specific format. It’s completely intuitive, through inner guidance, conversation, and the client can begin all the challenges or goals decided.

The coach supports completely without judging the client, putting faith in him that he can do exactly what he wants to try to do. A life coach is one who can check out you and see the potential for you to realize all that you simply desire. Through intuition, specific strategies, set of skills, and practices the coach helps you define yourself and make the life you envision. Coaches assist you to focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, motivate you, and celebrate with yo