If you are unhappy with how your life has been these days if you think that you could live a better quality of life but cannot pinpoint what is missing or what is stopping you from moving forward and achieving your goals, getting a life coach will an answer to all your confusions.

You could try solving the situation yourself, you can try new activities to become more active and overcome all your problems but if it is not working, imagine how hard it will be to live a life you feel is not fulfilling enough for the rest of your remaining years.

That is why a life coach exists, to find out what is holding you back and get you out of your slump so you can achieve greater things in life that you are capable of. May it be starting your own business, finding love, losing weight, or changing your career, a life coach can always help you achieve what seems impossible,
Due to there being such high demand, it seems like every other person you find on Instagram or Facebook is claiming to be a coach.
In such circumstances, it can be quite difficult to discern who is the real deal which leaves you wondering how to find a good life coach.

You deserve the best life coach who can give you quality advice, tailor-made according to our personal problems and that raises the question, ‘How to find a good life coach that is the right fit for you?’

These are the common questions that every person wonders while searching for a good life coach. This is why we wanted to share our guidance with you to help you find the best life coach for you!

How To Find A Good Life CoachHere Are The Top 7 Tips:

Make Sure A Life Coach Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

As I said earlier, coaching can often be confused with therapy. There might be an instance where one thinks they are in need of coaching while actually, they need to see a therapist or psychiatrist.
If you have suffered trauma in your past if you are suffering through mental diseases such as depression or bipolar disease then you need to visit a psychiatrist. If you are struggling in life and cannot seem to know what could term as your goals in your future or you cannot achieve goals that you have set for yourselves regarding where you want to go in your future, then you need a life coach.
Unlike a mentor, a life coach is won’t offer guidance and advice based on his/her own previous experiences. Sure, they will offer you suggestions based on their expertise, but for the most part, a life coach will ask meaningful questions to help you find the right answers and push you forward.
Make sure you are clear about why you need help in life so you can know if you need to visit a life coach or a therapist.

Get A Free Consultation

Many coaches offer a free consultation, which gives you a chance to speak to your potential life coach and see if you like his/her style before you hire him/her. Your consultation is a great opportunity for you to understand your coach. You can ask them questions and see if they are the right choice for you or not.
Each coach will take their first consultation a little bit differently, but generally, the aim is that they want to get to know you, gain an understanding of your needs and your goals.
If after your consultation with a coach you feel unsure, you can go and consult other coaches so that you can explore all the options and choose the best alternative for you.

Qualifications- Determine If They Are Good At What They Do

When you get a free consultation from a life coach, you talk to them, you can ask them questions through which you can determine how he/she handles various situations you might ask them about.
You can also talk to him/her about your expectations and ask them to explain how they can help you fulfill them. Through this all, you can get a general sense of how good of a life coach he/she is.
On the one hand, you don’t coach with many degrees who will hold their degree over you that they know best. And on the other hand, you don’t want just anyone.

Ask Them About Their Coaching Style

Every life coach has a different coaching method. Every coach has something different under their sleeves. Similarly, it is not sure which kind of method will be suitable for you. One method may work wonders for me and the same may not be effective to you at all. So make to check their coaching style before you make any commitment.

How To Find A Good Life CoachMake Sure You Both Have Synergy

We have our own energy. And it is very important that our energy and way of thinking matches with each other when you are deciding to work together. Therefore, when you ask yourself, how to find a good life coach make sure that you get your energies in sync with the life coach.
There are many life coaches who are bend towards spirituality and if you are atheist, then you two will never be able to achieve success no matter how hard both of you try.

Determine How Much It Will Cost

The cost of the coaching may differ depending on the level of coaching that you are looking to get from the life coach. There are many life coaches out there who are ready to work with you on different levels. And different coaches have different expertise.
Also, you must understand that in the coaching field it is not mandatory that higher cost means better quality. To ensure that you get maximum out of the coaching sessions keep all the points that we have discussed before hiring a life coach.

Make A Decision To Change

Hiring a life coach is not the only decision you are going to make, you are hiring a life coach because you are looking to make the change in your life. And it is not easy to change, you must be sure to let it go. It is possible that you have to leave your current business and change the niche, it is also possible that you have to change the view you look at the work. You must be sure and mentally prepare to step out of your comfort and see the work through a completely new and different perspective.
Once you make the decision and you are sure that you are going to be okay with it. Then only go for a life coach, otherwise, it is going to be a really tough journey, which is not how it is supposed to be.
I hope after reading this blog you get a better idea of How to find a good life coach for you. Try to use these points as a checklist before hiring a good life coach for you. To know how to find a good life coach could actually make a huge difference in your personal and professional life

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