Frequently Asked Questions

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a sincere help to solve the mystery and find the real meaning and purpose of life. Every individual on this planet has the tremendous potential within; life coaching is unfolding that potential and creating life the way you want.

Mankind is ultimately searching for Peace, Happiness, Freedom but very few of them can reach home in the journey of life. Life coaching is about guidance, we all seek guidance knowingly or unknowingly and we are getting it from different sources throughout our life, mostly from parents, friends, teachers, society, scriptures, philosophy and the sources keep varying. Life coaching’s goal is exactly the same as giving the right guidance so that you can find the ultimate purpose and cherish the journey of life, make your dreams come true, and find real happiness.

We all are in the ride called life and going through all the ups and downs at physical, mental, emotional, and financial levels. Sometimes we feel helpless, stuck, losing hope and we find this life meaningless. We are struggling so hard but don’t know exactly what to do about it, yet so many things have been done the way we want but the outcome of that is frustrating.

The right guidance at the right time can change your life.

Life coaching is about that change you are looking for but not being able to make it individually; on your own, it may be in personal life, business, career, relationship, or anything that is dealing with the situation…

Mainly life coaching has three aspects: true Guidance, Inspiration, and Support. These three words cover and convey a lot. If we can go into history, those who have created history have life coaches who are constantly guiding, inspiring, and supporting them towards their goal in life.

Life coaching is all about clear vision, expanding comfort zones, and making life worth living, meaningful, and making life more interesting and challenging. Coaching is about connecting to your innermost where all power lies and you can create the reality at every step of life.

What is the role of a life coach? What does life coach do?

It starts with an enquiry, a private or group trying to find significant change, help, facing certain challenges, issues that they themselves are unable to return out. trying to find some Guidance depending upon the precise issue or problems some powerful question coach asks the client and replying that both come to the conclusion what exactly the client is looking forward to.

So through one on one coaching sessions or customized sessions what’s exactly must be done are going to be given in sort of knowledge, insight, wisdom which clients can easily understand and implement in life, discuss in sort of question and answers which is named guidance for the solution part.

In every session, the coach gives a certain task, assignment homework, or practices which must be done, and on the idea of progress further session goes so it’s in the client’s complete hand to travel on the brink of the goal within the speed the task he executes what he has given. So the coach has no specific format. It’s completely intuitive, through inner guidance, conversation, and the client can begin all the challenges or goals decided.

The coach supports completely without judging the client, putting faith in him that he can do exactly what he wants to try to do. A life coach is one who can check out you and see the potential for you to realize all that you simply desire. Through intuition, specific strategies, set of skills, and practices the coach helps you define yourself and make the life you envision. Coaches assist you to focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, motivate you, and celebrate with you.

Benefits of life coaching

The real coaches are confident in themselves and in their clients. This makes a huge difference.
believe how it feels when someone says to you “you can create miracles” while nervously laughing, compared to when someone looks you dead within the eyes with a facial expression and boldly states: “I believe you. I do know with every fiber of my being that you simply can do that.” The coaches are authentically confident in their and their clients’ abilities, which confidence accelerates and amplifies insight, breakthroughs, and transformation. Life Coaching is that the collaborative effort of a teacher and a client to supply extraordinary leads to life, relationships, career/business. People prefer being partners with life coaches to achieve better success, get over past and hindrances, and start achieving their goals. To be at the extent of thinking to unravel our problems we’d like insight, motivation, and support from someone who can partner with us during this process, yet allow us to be ourselves making our own choices.

Life coaching is useful in very many other ways:

● There’s clarity regarding what one wants from life, relations, and business. there’s better insight about self and goals.
● A stronger sense of confidence and confidence emerges from knowing oneself better
● With the assistance of the life coach, we achieve control over our life by making informed choices
● Coaching helps us unlearn unproductive strategies and develop productive strategies through:
● Improved communication and relationship skills
● Enhanced joy and happiness
● The authority to visualise dreams into reality
● Increased ability to believe in one’s inner wisdom

Miracles happen when coaches are fully present for his or her clients and trust their intuition/higher consciousness with complete faith. If we are busy checking emails or staring into space while our clients share with us about their lives, we could miss a chance to vary our client’s life. the simplest coaches within the world listen like it’s the last voice they’ll ever hear, and trust, without a shadow of a doubt, where their intuition guides the journey.

What are the main benefits of life caching:

● Continuous Personal attention
● Finding the basis cause and solving it
● Years of experience, wisdom, and practices
● Create an empowering belief
● Saves many Time and energy
● Build super confidence and enthusiasm
● Non-judgmental attitude
● Inspiring skills makes goals very easy and achievable
● Stupendous change in behavior and attitude
● Happy you
● Expect the unexpected
● Develop Total clarity and sincerity
● Design and execution of Through action plan
● Live the dream

What a coaching session looks like?

A coaching session will look slightly different counting on what methods your life coach uses and
what stage of coaching you’re in. This relationship is dynamic and it’ll change over time because
you’ll start getting won’t to how you’re employed best with them, and that they will accommodate their methods to suit your strengths as time goes on. The importance of this is often that you simply can only truly get this through the assistance of another person, sort of a life coach who helps you examine your life and goals.

A life coaching session will generally include a discovery time near the start to work out where
you’re, what you’re doing and what you ought to do. then, the sessions are going to be more about holding you accountable to the steps you ought to be taking to urge where you would like to travel, and tackling problems that will crop up along the way. a teacher is concentrated on three main things: taking action, staying accountable and following through. These three things guarantee success and can be an integral part of how your coaching sessions are handled.

What does coaching cost?

If someone could assist you to make a really significant change in your life, what proportion would you buy that? what proportion is it worth to you to be relieved of feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and lost? What’s attaining your dreams worth to you? Some people are battling one issue their whole life. Others still don’t know what they actually need, but they feel that their current life isn’t right. So is that worth 1,000,000 bucks? A healthy relationship? Love in your life? Healthy balance? Living a fantastic, dream life? Financial well-being? The accomplishment of a dream almost forsaken?

Try to put a price on any of these things. It’s challenging, perhaps impossible. This is often the
simplest MONEY you’ll ever spend. This is often an investment in yourself; in your life — which
you’ll only live once. Putting your money consciously into your own growth and education to me is a few of the simplest ways you’ll allocate your resources.

Can I use a coach online?

Yes! Coaching online is perhaps the simplest way to seek out a life coach as per your needs. What’s important is that the rapport between coach and client, and online simply gives you more options for locating the simplest fit.

The convenience of hiring a teacher online is clear because you’ll meet almost any time and not need to worry about the commute time and scheduling it around other things. you’ll meet for a half-hour on your lunch break or take an hour on the weekend regardless of where you’re to take a seat down and consult your life coach.

The options are endless when it involves online life coaches. Since you don’t need to worry about where they’re located, you’ll choose a life coach whose experience and methods work best with you instead of being forced to choose a teacher who is closer in proximity.

You will also find that life coaching online is often significantly cheaper due to reduced overhead costs. If the life coach doesn’t need to have an office or commute, their overhead goes down, then does the value that you simply need to pay to satisfy with them

How many coaching sessions will I need?

Based on a study, the amount of coaching sessions needed will vary greatly to support your specific goals and current situation. it’ll be up to you and your coach to work out the length of the engagement. you’ll want to initially check-in for a particular amount of your time then prefer to extend afterward. Coaches tend to be flexible and willing to figure together with your |along with your together with your schedule and whatever plan works best with your goals.

Coaching sessions are going to be determined by a variety of variables like your schedule, the coach’s schedule, the contract length and therefore the needs of your specific goals. The typical amount of coaching sessions finishes up being around 2-3 per month. Most coaching sessions last around an hour and lots of coaches offer support and follow up between sessions also.

What areas of my life can a life coach help me with?

Life coaches can assist you in any area of your life including, but not limited to:
• professional life balance
• Health and fitness
• Spirituality
• professional performance
• Career objectives
• Procrastination & productivity
• Getting motivated
• Finding your purpose
• Educational goals
• Dating and sex
• Divorce

Since there are numerous aspects of life, any area is often worked on. you ought to ask yourself, “What do I would like to try to do with my life? Where do I would like to enhance myself?” It’s up to you to make a decision about what you most need help with, otherwise, you can determine exactly what it’s that has been bothering you, alongside the assistance of an honest coach.

You may think you’re alone in eager to improve upon a particular area in your life or reach a particular goal when actually there are thousands of others who are pursuing a change in those very same areas with the assistance of a life coach. you would possibly be surprised at what percentage people are seeking help in a number of equivalent areas.

Should I get a life coach?

Want to form an enormous change in your life? Want to succeed in a goal? Feeling stuck? browsing a life transition? There are an infinite amount of reasons why people hire a life coach to urge them on the proper track toward success. you merely need to ask yourself a couple of inquiries to evaluate where you’re , where you would like to be and the way you are feeling about it. this may ultimately assist you to reveal those burning desires that are truly worth going after and eventually doing something about.

For example, you would possibly plan to hire a life coach for ANY of the subsequent reasons:

You Feel Stuck or Blocked
If you are feeling like you’re stuck within the same place and need to start out occupying the proper direction to accomplish your goals, a life coach would be very helpful. Also, if you are feeling some quite mental or emotional block that you simply can’t seem to urge past on your own, a life coach will help guide you out of that psychological state and into one where you’ll finally make progress.

You’re Unsure of Your Next Step
If you’ve got a sense of uncertainty or like you’re lost and don’t know where to travel or what to try to urge what you would like in life, this is often an excellent opportunity to recruit a life coach to assist you to discover purpose and direction in any area of your life.

You Want to form Some Changes
If you would like to grow, build your confidence, find your happiness or simply start making some positive changes in your life, life coaching may be a great solution. Feeling like something is missing in your life may be a great opportunity to start out making changes by transforming your life and your mindset.

Life coaching isn’t right for you if…
There are some situations where life coaching isn’t getting to be the proper thing for you. If you’re in need of therapy or serious counseling for a mental disease or issue in your life, you’ll want to think about resolving this or a minimum of starting the resolution process with a counselor or therapist before seeking out a life coach.

Also, if you only want to be told what to try to do, this might not be the answer for you. A life coach goes to guide you and assist you to make your own decisions instead of getting out a step by step playbook and tell you exactly what to try to do.

Finally, you’ve got to be willing to truly perform the change. Life coaching isn’t right for you if you’re unable to plan to perform on yourself, stretching your thinking and taking action in your life. A life coach expects you to be involved in your solution and you’ll not gain anything from the experience if you do not want to vary.

Making the choice
If you’ve begun asking the proper questions and evaluating what areas in your life need improvement, the choice to rent a life coach is going to be much easier. browsing the lists above also will help highlight those areas of your life that would use some extra work and a touch extra accountability.

If you’re able to make an action plan instead of just exploring your various issues, a life coach is certainly an excellent option for you. If you continue to have some past issues that you simply got to affect otherwise you aren’t sure that you’re quite able to start making serious changes, you’ll consult a life coach to ascertain if you ought to hunt down help with a therapist or counselor first. it’s extremely important to be within the right place mentally and emotionally to urge the foremost out of the coaching experience.

Ultimately, life coaching is going to be worth some time if you’re determined to be hospitable to new ideas, tactics and are willing to place in work to implement changes. You don’t even have to have a selected goal in mind before you attend a life coach, as long as you recognize you would like more from a life they will assist you to pinpoint what’s next for you. a teacher will improve your self-awareness, widen your thinking and assist you to become more focused. they’re great people to travel to once you want help accessing the talent and motivation you already carry within yourself.

Who hires life coaches?

Simply put, the folks that hire life coaches are people that want more. they’re folks that desire growth in their personal or professional lives (possibly both), and that they want that growth to return faster or easier. Anyone in any walk of life can hire a life coach for nearly anything they need to enhance upon in their lives.

You will find that so many businesses have started giving their employees access to life coaching to assist them to excel in their professional lives and careers. There also are many very successful business owners, CEOs, and professionals that hire a life coach to assist them set goals and stay accountable in order that they’re able to reach such an outstanding level of productivity, efficiency, or success.

Many people have begun turning to life coaches to help them in their personal lives also. These people can be anyone from student professionals to stay at home moms. Almost everyone has personal goals they need to satisfy and sometimes, they only need the push that comes with the wisdom and encouragement from a life coach.

In general, folks that hire a life coach tend to be people that want the following:
• To spot their goals and achieve success
• To find happiness
• To find their life purpose
• To do what they love
• To make a decision on or change their career
• To be more confident
• to seek out love or improve their relationships

How it works (coaching process involves)

Life coaching is a one-on-one, one- to- group collaborative process in which a professional coach helps the client, achieve personal, relationship or professional goals.

Coaches use his intuition, wisdom, experience, and a number of tools, techniques, and processes designed to help the client find what drives them, where they want to go, and the best way to get there. The relationship builds on the foundation of trust and grows through various stages.

• Answering some very focused analytical questions, which challenge the clients thinking and the perceived limitations.
• Weekly sessions focused on different challenge areas or a series of sessions focused on a deeper analysis of a long term unresolved problem
• Finding the root cause, the pains, and the gain associated with the stuck-up situations /goals

A life coach keeps the client-focused and challenged for action from week to week, in several ways:
• By enabling clients to learn to identify their own defense mechanisms (the stories they tell to defend themselves)
• By empowering them to disassociate from the “can’t” mind-set
• By motivating them to work towards and look forward to achieving new goals;
• By helping them create empowering visions and beliefs

Both the coach and the client, work towards breakthrough solutions and achieving the set goal.

Steps of life coaching


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