Do I need a spiritual coach? Everyone in their life is lacking some essential qualities that if they fulfill will reach the zenith of success and self-satisfaction. If you feel lost, if you have self-doubt, if you have a vision but not a clear one, if you are a procrastinator, if you need to improve your health, or if you need to forget things, then yes, you are very much in need of a spiritual coach. 

A spiritual coach is a person that can help you to improve your qualities by helping you to meet yourself. Your weakness, your sadness, your insecurities are all a part of you, and not you. A good coach will work with you on your weak points to eliminate the root cause, and not only the symptoms to make them your strongest points. The journey to discover one’s self is very crucial. It should be walked with someone who is a good torchbearer as a leader a good supporter as a coach.



Top qualities of a spiritual coach:

A good listener

A good spiritual coach’s one of best qualities is to be a good listener. A good coach should never put a passive ear to the clients. He should never be under the impression that everyone comes with the same life issues, and need the same counselling. 

Language is not only the means of communication but also the way to understand what the other person is not saying. Many times it happens that the client does not speak about everything that is troubling him. This may be due to the fear of being judged, due to embarrassment, due to a feeling that he may appear to be silly or stupid, and so on. Also, this may happen that the information is not relevant to the counselling. But it should always be the priority for a good coach to loosen up the client, to make him speak what he cannot speak in front of others, to know what is going on in his subconscious mind also. Spoken words are not the only things that have to be heard and paid notice to but the body posture, the non-verbal cues, and also the verbal cues have to attend with great calmness and understanding. 

Easily approachable

People are in search of enlightenment nowadays. A spiritual coach is the one who can make this journey possible and worthwhile. A good coach should be helpful, friendly, personable, and also approachable whenever the need arises. Along with these qualities, a good coach should be empathetic to the client, have great patience, and good humour. These qualities will not only benefit the client but the coach himself. Good words spread like wildfire, and good reviews reach the targeted audience. It will help him gaining more clients and earning the confidence of the existing ones. 

During times of pandemics like the one we are facing now, face-to-face meetings are not advisable. Video conferencing through zoom call or other applications, online chatting on Whatsapp and telegram are needed. To be approachable, one should be an active user of all the social media platforms and help the clients in whatever way possible. 


To be focused is the most important characteristic of a good coach. A coach should know how much time is to be allotted to a client, which is the points to be noted down during the counselling session, what topics to be touched on the day and what to be left for later days. A focused coach is hard to find because many pretend to listen to what you say but they are merely hearing your words. A coach who pays attention to your issues and gives the most suitable advice is the one to go with. 


Merely setting up an expensive counselling room and charging a huge amount of fee is never going to add to someone’s value. A good coach provides authentic services. Every client comes seeking a different kind of advice. If there is someone who gives the same advice to all the clients stuck in any kind of situation then it’s high time to change him. Meeting yourself and improving your weak points is not easy, ever so the coach you settle for should be the one who can make your journey smooth and one of a kind. 

Best Spiritual Coaches


Connecting to the spiritual self

The most important quality of a good coach is that he should be connected to his spiritual self first. If he does not know the value of spirituality and the best path to reach it, then it might not be possible for him to help you in achieving enlightenment. 

Emotional stability

Nobody is fully emotionally stable. Even good coaches suffer from days that demand to suffer. But if one can handle all those situations skillfully without having it impact their professional life then he is stable. Don’t go for the one who pretends to be emotionally stable by showing a happy face always but go for the one who counsels you the way that suits you the best.  

Practitioner of his preachings

A good coach will always implement his words in his life first. A well-proven plan is better than just words. A good coach should have experienced all the things that he says or at least be a part of someone’s life who has gone on that journey. Merely words that provide no results are of no use. 

In all a good spiritual coach is one who can cater to all your needs. Whether they are emotional needs or psychological needs. Life coach, Amit Malde is the one whom you can always trust. He is experienced, empathetic, and knows how to handle even the toughest of situations. A dedicated coach should be committed to his work. The coach should always be ready to help his clients irrespective of the time of day. He should be the one who brings out the best positive changes in yourself by his counselling

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