What Is Executive Coaching?

An executive coach is a qualified professional that will work with individuals such as executives and other high-potential employees with job responsibilities similar to that of an executive. An executive coach helps their clients gain self-awareness, gain clarity in their goals, unlock their potential, help them achieve their objectives and also act as a sounding board when required.

Correcting the common misconception, they are not consultants, nor are they therapists. That is why the method to helping their clients is not through giving advice or solving their client’s problems, it is through asking questions that will help these executives in getting clarity of their problems and help them see how to look for solutions to those problems.

Executive Coaching

What Does Executive Coaching Entail?

The executive coaches provide a supportive and confidential sounding board for their clients. By sounding board, we mean that the clients express their new ideas or practice making an argument with the coach to get the feel of how their audience will react to it later on.

Executive coaching involves asking questions to help the client think from various perspectives and obtain clarity in their goals and objectives, challenging the assumptions of the client so they are forced to look at the situation from other points of view, provide them with the necessary resources to get to their goals and yes to also provide advice sometimes when it is necessary.

Executive Coaching also involves administering and helping in interpreting behavioural assessments, conducting confidential interviews and helping their client gain self-awareness by establishing his/her development goals.

Who Is Usually In The Need Of Executive Coaching?

Before, companies used to hire executive coaches to help come in and fix their broken executives. These days, most companies hire executive coaches as a way of investing in their top executives and high potential employees. It’s no longer a stigma to receive executive coaching, in fact, it is now a status symbol.

While the executives such as CEOs or business owners can hire their own coaches, it’s more common for the department of the human resource of companies to recommend a coach to an executive or an employee as a part of an executive development program. The employee it was recommended for could be a newly promoted employee who can be facing a number of challenges such as employee relationships or having problems settling in his/her position, or can also be getting groomed for larger roles. Executive coaches are also sometimes hired to correct behavioural problems and help the leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Confidentiality Of Executive Coaching

The conversation between an executive coach and their client is completely confidential. If an organization or the company is paying for the coaching services, they may be receiving periodic status updates such as updates on what is achieved and solved, etc but nothing else is shared without the permission of the client.

How Executive Coaching Can Make You Successful In Life

When you, as the client, obtain executive coaching with an open mind and a real willingness to grow, these are the benefits you will earn on your path to success:

Executive Coaching

Gain Clarity In Yourself

This sounds may simple, but is actually very important. Many pieces of research have shown that most of us do not see ourselves very clearly and that makes a big change. Self-awareness of leaders is highly correlated with an organization’s effectiveness and profitability. Employees also prefer to follow leaders who are self-aware.

When you are engaged with a good executive coach, he or she will gather input from others on how they see you at the beginning of the engagement and share it with you.

Throughout the executive coaching, your coach will also share his/her perceptions of you, after observing you and observing your interactions with others and question your assumptions about yourself, raise curiosity about where you’re strong and where you need to learn and grow.

Help You Leverage Your Existing Strengths

An effective and supportive executive coach will also help you see and leverage strengths that you already have but may not be aware of or maybe underestimating.

Once you are aware of all your strengths and also aware of what you are good at, you are in charge of your own destiny. You can apply all your strengths effectively in achieving all your goals.

Build More Productive Relationships

Leaders can dramatically limit their effectiveness if they cannot strong relationships with certain kinds of people. An executive coach will help you shape your nature in a way that you can interact with people with more ease and make your connections. A good executive coach will help you recognize this tendency in yourself and work to help you improve it, he/she will help you see and question the limited assumptions that you make about people who aren’t like you and will offer you tools to help support you in understanding and creating strong working relationships with different types of people.

Achieve What You Want

This is the most important part of effective coaching. A good executive coach will help you get clarity about your goals and dreams, and help you see what you’re capable of in order to achieve them. He/she will also be a powerful support system on your journey to your success

An executive coach is someone who knows you very well and wants the best for you while being a neutral third party. Unlike your friends, family or your employees, your executive coach isn’t dependent on you for his or her success. He/she can be honest with you about how you’re doing and progressing, reminding you of what you previously said you would do to achieve your dreams and will let you know what you’re doing that’s taking you closer to your dreams or getting in your way.

Lastly, and most importantly, your executive coach will teach you new ways of thinking and how to operate and help you learn new skills that will allow you to reach your goals faster.

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